What our clients are saying...
  • Got an opportunity to work with Envision Web Design, Netherlands for Foundora's design. He is someone who knows what he does and we really appreciate his patience & efforts to meet our expectations. These are signs of great designer, and we're glad that our design has come upto our expectations. We enjoyed working with him and look forward to use his services in the future. Wish him the best for future endeavors!

    Akram Rotterdam

    StarsA. Qureshi, NL

  • Envision Web Design performed a complete re-design of my website's very outdated RSVP (e-invite) system. My site design was pure css and I wanted to keep it that way. I am very demanding and want what I want - not so easy to work for :-). Envision Web Design designed and coded the css designs as if it were child's play. The designs were stunning and pure css! Their work is outstanding and they did not stop until I was happy :)

    Mary USA

    StarsM. Lee, US

  • Uzair is a talented and creative web designer in The Hague, Netherlands. He took care of the graphic design, styling and the html, delivering a complete package on time and according to his estimate. Uzair was great to work with - he made changes to the design till we were happy with the design. The quality of his design, css and code is high and we were impressed by his attention to detail and diligence.

    Damian USA

    StarsD. Martin, US

  • I was looking for an affordable, quick way to develop a website for my start-up business - I was fortunate to have found Uzair Usman. I had never contracted out this type of service to someone in a far away country. But after exchanging a few e-mails with Uzair he won my confidence and I took a chance. I'm glad I did. My site was developed quickly and it turned out better than what I thought it would.

    Joe Canada

    StarsJ. Botticelli, CA

  • I was looking for a great web Designer to redesign our Matrimonial Website. I wanted someone who is well versed in HTML/CSS with a good understanding of SEO. I must say, I am really glad I found Uzair. During initial conversation over skype I explained Uzair about my site. There were several iterations and Uzair was really patient and responded promptly every single time in a true professional manner.

    Joe Canada

    StarsN. Shetty, US